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Sauce Products

Qualifresh Sauces are extensive in range and are manufactured from natural ingredients with EEC approved additives, developed specifically to satisfy the local and export markets. Qualifresh Sauces add flavour, moisture and visual appeal to dishes and are conveniently pakage in upmarket, export quality containers.

Glass Bottles
A wide range of sauces packaged in aesthetically labelled and sealed glass bottles. Sauces in range are Garlic, Pepper, Sweet & Sour, Monkey Gland, Mushroom, Mushroom & Garlic, Steak marinade, Garlic Peri-peri, Peri-Peri-X-hot, Sweet Chilly, Spare rib. In 375ml and 5litres

Plastic Bottle
Mayonnaise based sauces, aesthetically labelled and sealed in upmarket plastic bottles for easy storage. In this range there are Dijonnaise, Mustard, Honey mustard & 1000 island available. In 350ml and 5 litres

Plastic Squeeze Bottle
Round squeeze bottle aesthetically labelled for conveniently use, Available in Tomato sauce, Mustard sauce, Hamburger & Hotdog sauce & Chilly sauces. In 500ml and 5 litres.

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